Liberty Kitchen Just Won Chicken & Waffles

There's no shortage of Houston eateries banging out some pretty fine chicken and waffles. But Liberty Kitchen's Chicken & Pecan Waffles breakfast sandwich has beaten them all.

Here's how:

The housemade whole grain waffles are studded with pecans and crisped 'til golden brown before being absolutely smothered in warm maple syrup. And we're talking LEGIT Maine maple syrup, here. Somehow, through what we can only believe to be magic, the waffles manage to stay crunchy despite their recent syrup soak.

In the center of the waffles sits a beautiful hunk of crispy and craggly fried chicken, which is juicy and succulent enough on its own but is also topped with an egg cooked-your-way because this kitchen cares about you. By the way, "your way" should obviously be over-easy or sunny-side-up (we're letting you know because we care about you, too).

The result is one sweet, salty, and outrageously rich forkful after another. That is, until you get your first bite of the bourbon-pickled jalapeños scattered throughout. If the maple-syrup bath was the alley-oop, these subtly spicy bourbon pickles are the slam dunk.

Oh, and the side of sweet and spicy hot sauce syrup you can drizzle on as you please? That means GAME OVER. Liberty Kitchen, FTW!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.