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Like Pulled BBQ Chicken? Try This Sandwich

This is BRC Gastropub's Pulled Backyard Barbecued Chicken Sandwich. And I can tell you it is one hell of a chicken sandwich, ya'll. Seriously, I wish this is what went down in my backyard.

It comes piled high with tender shredded meat that gets kick from a heavily-spiced but still ultra-light barbecue sauce. Was that clove I detected? It's unexpected and superb.

But wait, that's not all.

The slightly creamy blue cheese slaw is perfectly tangy and brings a wonderful crunch, while the pickled onions add a hint of tartness. But it's the heat from the hunks of sliced jalapeno that really makes this sandwich a winner.

With all of the sweet, spice, and crunch going on in between my buttery, griddled Slow Dough bun, I didn't even need the basket of fries that came alongside.

Like Pulled BBQ Chicken? Try This Sandwich

But that's probably because my table also ordered a bubbling skillet of mac & cheese to split for good measure.

When in Rome BRC's yard...

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