Little Debbie Is Here

We are suckers for free cupcakes. We will even brave Houston streets in the middle of a snow storm for them. Yes, we are putting our lives at risk, but it's all in the name of chocolate.

Seven weeks ago, Little Debbie launched a 10-week "Share-a-thon" campaign to promote its new chocolate cupcakes. A crew of six is traveling to 21 cities to deliver 200,000 free cupcakes. Today, we caught them at the corner of Main and Dallas giving out free cupcakes to some very cold and snow-drenched customers. They were supposed to set up shop from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Houston Pavilions. Instead, they were hiding from the snow under random awnings until about one.

It took Little Debbie about three years to perfect the chocolate cupcake. If the cupcakes look like a familiar childhood favorite, it's because they have the same shape and design as their competitor, Hostess. But while they look the same, they sure don't taste the same. The Hostess version is drier and tastes like fake chocolate. Plus, Hostess skimps on the cream. Why would you torture your customers like that? The Little Debbie version, on the other hand, has almost more cream than cake and tastes like fudge.

You can still catch the cupcake cars on Sunday. They will be at the Kroger on 8023 W. Grand Parkway in Richmond and 5101 Ave. H. in Rosenberg from 10 a.m. until the samples run out. If you don't make it, don't worry. Little Debbie is giving away one million free cupcakes at www.littledebbie.com. Or, you can shell out for them at your local grocery store.

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Jane Catherine Collins