Little Pappasito's: That Restaurant You Hate to Love

I think everyone has at least one restaurant they don't always admit to enjoying. Mine is Little Pappasito's on Richmond and Kirby.

Lately, my husband has become obsessed with Little Pappasito's, and he automatically proposes a visit whenever we're in the mood for Tex-Mex. It disturbs me how comfortable he is adoring this garish chain restaurant when other more affordable, independent joints, not to mention the glorious Original Ninfa's, offer equally good (or better) entrees.

True, I have written positively, albeit reluctantly, about Pappasito's crabcake-stuffed shrimp and filet mignon fajitas. And a few nights ago, I tried their three enchiladas filled with Ixtapa beef, beef brisket, and chicken tinga, respectively and, under much duress, licked the platter clean.

However, I can't imagine recommending this place to strangers; only close friends might hear me casually mention that I had a "decent" experience the "one, maybe two" times I've gone. I am far too much of an insecure food snob to name Pappasito's as a favorite, an honor I reserve for Reef, BRC Gastropub and few others.

But I probably won't protest too much if you want to take me there for fajitas...or enchiladas...or a margarita...just don't tell anyone.

What are your secret favorites?

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Joanna O'Leary