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Loans on Tap: Sam Adams Launches Lending Program

Sam Adams has recently launched "Brewing the Dream," a campaign aimed at providing loans to aspiring food, beverage and hospitality small business start-ups and entrepreneurs.

With a goal to both create and save jobs in a tough industry, Sam Adams is looking to provide opportunity for small-time brewers, chefs and future members of the food industry to put their passions to practical use.

If you live in New England, New York City, Ohio or the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania loans of $25,000 are available for current and future food, beverage and hospitality small businesses, so if you were thinking about becoming Houston's next artisan baker, you are out of luck staying local.

While the larger loans are restricted to the New England area, home brewers nationwide looking to transition drinking with their friends into commercial success can apply for small-business loans to offset accrued costs of starting a new business.

Sam Adams is even offering loan recipients small-business classes and opportunities to meet with company employees for some hands-on training and exposure to inside workings of a successful brewery.

Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams, started the entire company in his kitchen. Koch is no stranger to the rigors of starting a small business. When he began his brewery, Koch rented a truck, going bar to bar selling and delivering his own brew himself. After 27 years, success, money and an established brand, he wants to help others out, too.

I've never been a huge Sam Adams beer fan. I think the beer is overly pungent and sour, but I have to think that a business model such as this can really give aspiring food-service professionals and brewers a shot at fulfilling their dreams. Everybody has to start somewhere.

There's probably a guy you know who loves brewing beer. He probably has a beard.

Maybe he's the next craft beer brewer and doesn't even know it yet. Or maybe he's a tool and his beer sucks.

Either way, the loan company's website has more information on loan application.

Give it a look, and cheers to the brewers of tomorrow. Take out a loan and get some people drunk already. What could go wrong?

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