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Local Brews Now on Draft at Bohemeo's

Last month, I heard a rumor that beloved East End coffee shop Bohemeo's would be closing down. Thankfully, that rumor was far from true, but it did lead me to the discovery that the popular gathering spot for live music, coffee and open mike nights had changed hands.

Longtime owners Lupe and Sid Olivares sold their space in Eastwood's vividly hued Tlaquepaque Market to a pair of younger Houstonians -- Kent Marshall and Keith Adkins -- a few months ago.

And although the husband-and-wife Olivares team still have input into the coffee shop they built into Bohemeo's, Marshall and Adkins have already made at least one notable change: Bohemeo's now has beer on draft, most of it locally brewed.

Adkins and Marshall seem like a natural pairing for both the new and old direction of Bohemeo's: Adkins owns Fontana Coffee Roasters and Marshall owns TK Bitterman's and Market Square Bar & Grill, both of which stock local options like Saint Arnold and Southern Star.

I dropped into Bohemeo's after dinner last week when I wanted a beer and my friend wanted coffee and dessert. I remarking to her as we walked in how nice it was to have this option in the area all of a sudden: Although it's long served bottled beer (as well as terrific drip coffee and desserts), the beer was never much of a draw for Bohemeo's in and of itself. But some jalapeño IPA from Katy's own No Label Brewing? Or a crispy Sympathy for the Lager from Karbach on a hot night? Now we're talking.

It was apparently a draw for plenty of other people too: Even though Bohemeo's had quieted down by the time we showed up at 8 p.m. last Thursday, one of the No Label taps was already sucked dry. I went for a Karbach instead, and happily sipped my pint as my friend polished off an indecently large slice of chocolate cake.

Marshall and Adkins have more big changes planned for Bohemeo's than just the new local brew taps, though. The shop's limited food menu will remain intact -- thankfully, too, because I still love to indulge in its terrific fish tacos -- but the team says that daily specials like a Swiss chard quiche (made with chard from The Last Organic Outpost) are in the process of being added as well.

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Katharine Shilcutt