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Local Pour Opens a Second Location in The Woodlands

Local Pour, the Hospitality USA (Baker St. Pub and Grill, Sherlock's) establishment focused on local food and drink, opened a second location in the Woodlands at 1900 Hughes Landing this Wednesday with a contest giving its Facebook fans the chance to tap the first keg of their favorite beer at the new location, then have dinner with a representative from that brewery.

More than 100 people entered, and on Monday night, ten lucky winners were able to collect their prizes. (Among the breweries represented at the event were Houston's Saint Arnold and Karbach, Katy's No Label, Magnolia's Lone Pint, and Conroe's Southern Star.) The winners got a bit of an education the keg-tapping process, as they walked through the entire procedure from popping the cap off the keg to how the keg is tapped and connected to the lines that lead it to the final tap where the beer is served.

Befitting its name, Local Pour Woodlands will boast 48 draft beers, including a number from the Houston area and Texas. Similarly, the new venue will carry a wide selection of Texas spirits-- including many of my favorite local whiskeys I've written about in the past.

One of the highlights of the new Local Pour will be an increased food menu. Unlike its River Oaks location at 1952 West Gray, the Woodlands location will be open for lunch, and will eventually start serving Sunday brunch. Many of the food items on the Woodlands menu will only be available there, and a great deal of effort was put into sourcing the food items locally or in-state whenever possible. Randy Evans, former chef and owner of the now-shuttered Haven, was brought in to consult on and perfect the new menu.

The new Local Pour is situated at Hughes Landing, a new lakeside development on Lake Woodlands. Retail businesses have only begun opening in the space in the last couple of weeks, but eventually the development will contain a number of restaurants and retail businesses, office space, apartment complexes, and more.

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Nath Pizzolatto