Logan Farm's Akaushi Burger

A Kobe beef burger for less than seven bucks? I rushed out to Logan Farms, a spiral-cut ham and sandwich boutique on Westheimer just past Beltway 8, as soon as I learned about this "hidden gem" from "staceface," who left a comment on my blog about Hodad's.

The flavor of the ground meat was excellent, and so was the architecture of the sandwich. Too bad the kitchen help cooked the Akaushi burger well-done. I am willing to bet the sandwich-maker also squished the patty with a spatula in an effort to get every drop of Kobe fat out of this hamburger patty. Somebody arrest this guy -- well-done Kobe beef is a crime.


Akaushi beef is a variety of Kobe that sells for ridiculous sums of money based on claims that monounsaturated Akaushi fat has some kind of health benefits. If I am reading the price sheet correctly, Logan Farms is trying to get more than $80 for half pound Akaushi filet mignons. Odd that the same store is selling Akaushi hamburgers at a bargain price of $6.95. Now if somebody would teach the kitchen help how to cook burgers, we might have a real treat here.

If you go, tell the counterperson you want your Akaushi burger medium-rare and that you don't want the grill cook to remove all that healthy monounsaturated fat by squishing the patty with the spatula.

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Robb Walsh
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