Lone Star Bash at the Brewery

We tend to be skeptical of beers that feel the need to market the hell out of themselves in a way that doesn't relate to the beer itself, but we suppose we're obligated to give Lone Star Beer a pass.

Kind of like how non-native Texans are obligated to stand there at civic meetings and act like they didn't just learn, five seconds before everyone started reciting it, that there was such a thing as a Pledge to the Texas Flag.

Anyway, in the buildup to its second annual Bash at the Brewery September 25, Lone Star wants its fans to go to its Web site by August 31 and register for a chance to win Bash tickets and other goodies. In all, 750 pairs of tickets, 25 pairs of VIP tickets and 15 autographed Lone Star guitars will be handed out.

Lone Star also wants fans to nominate one of four semifinalist indie bands in online voting between August 16 and 30 to play alongside Bob Schneider, the Texas Tornados and five other acts on two stages at the Bash.

The party, which will also feature local food stands, starts at 3 p.m. at the historic brewery on the south side of San Antonio.

Net proceeds from product sales will benefit the Texas Music Project, a non-profit that works to support music education in Texas schools.

The brewery (600 Lone Star Blvd., San Antonio, 78204) was bought and shuttered in 1996, but is now being restored into a modern mixed-used development.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.