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Lone Star Culinary: You'll Think You Died and Went to Spice Heaven

Visit the new Lone Star Culinary/Flores Spice Company store behind El Bolillo on Airline across the street from Canino's, but go when you have some time for shopping. I was so overwhelmed to see all the stuff I needed in one place that I didn't even buy anything.

The bulk spice racks are amazing. They have powdered chiles -- including ancho and guajillo -- at a fraction of the price I have been paying. I use these to make my own chili powder and grill rubs, and I go through a lot. They also offer a lot of popular rubs -- like Montreal steak seasoning -- already blended.

Spanish sherry vinegar, Glorias caramels from Monterrey, bulk pistachios -- wow. I almost fainted when I saw Steen's Cane Syrup on a shelf next to Coronado goat milk caramel sauce. Two of my favorite dessert ingredients in one place. Have you ever tried crepes wrapped around vanilla ice cream in warm goat milk caramel sauce? How about pecan pie made with cane syrup instead of Karo?

The next time I stop by this place, it will be with a truck.

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Robb Walsh
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