Long Duck and Other Delights

You don't know anything about wine, but you know what you like? There's a new wine store for you.

Wine Styles is a retail outlet that demystifies the complicated world of wine. There is a white wall and a red wall. The whites are divided into the categories "crisp," "silky," "rich" and "bubbly." The reds are organized into "fruity," "mellow," "bold" and "nectar."

The wines cost $12 to $25 and are mostly from small wineries you've never heard of.

You don't have to know anything about varietals, vintages or vineyards. And you don't have to remember where the hell the Languedoc is, or how to pronounce it -- just grab a bottle of Long Duck. You can remember Long Duck, can't you?

The Wine Styles franchise originated in Florida and now has 140 shops in 26 states.

So far, there are 18 Wine Styles locations in Texas. The two in the Houston area are close to Highway 290 on Louetta and Barker-Cypress. There is also a location in Beaumont, and one in College Station.

Wine Styles stores hold lots of tastings. In fact, I was told the one at Barker-Cypress is doing more business as a wine bar than a retail store.

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