Lucky Dogs in New Orleans

Lucky Dogs in downtown New Orleans reminds me of the after-clubbing pizza guys that hang out around the Midtown and downtown districts in Houston. You don't have to be drunk to enjoy one, but they really hit the spot after a night out dancing.

Lucky Dogs' dogs tend to have a bit more prestige than your standard, late-night, outside-the-club, pizza-guy wares. To people from New Orleans, Lucky Dogs is tradition. Day after day, night after night, these vendors put up with the drunkest of patrons. There are Lucky Dogs all over New Orleans -- in the Quarter (where it is the only licensed food vendor), in the airport, and even in Harrah's.

Aside from the history behind Lucky Dogs, it's still just a darn good hot dog. After a recent night out in New Orleans, sighting the cart wheeling down Bourbon was almost hypnotizing. We like our Lucky Dog with everything: onions, relish, chili sauce, ketchup, mustard and kraut. It's messy heaven in a bun, and some great street food.

Tip: On Wednesdays, some of the vendors put peanut butter on their hot dogs. It sounds nasty, but coupled with a cold beer and a street curb, it's a killer combo.

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