Lucky Pot's Croaker in Brown Sauce

Lucky Pot's Croaker in Brown Sauce

While we were eating lamb dumplings at Lucky Pot, I saw a couple of unusual fish on the menu. It's not every day you see croaker in a restaurant, so I ordered one whole with brown sauce. It was exceptionally flavorful. And I am told it's a fairly common fish to catch while angling for redfish.

In fact, the name "croaker" comes from the croaking sound the male fish makes to attract females -- a characteristic it shares with redfish and other members of the drum family.

The croaker has a high tolerance for a wide range of conditions, including low salinities, and a wide range of temperatures. Croakers are bottom feeders, so drop your line all the way down.

If you catch some, don't throw them back -- they're delicious.

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