Lucky Strike Lanes' Corn Hash with Shrimp

Lucky Strike Lanes' first Texas location has come to the Houston Pavilions. This bowling alley-cum-bar-lounge hails from Hollywood, where the original location houses vintage fixtures from Hollywood Star Lanes of The Big Lebowski fame. The concept is hip and edgy, which explains why, instead of pizza, Lucky Strike cooks up items like corn hash with shrimp. Whether the Dude would have abided by that menu choice is an unanswered question.

The recipe, after the jump.

Lucky Strike Lanes' Corn Hash with Shrimp

Makes 6 servings


18 "16/20" shrimp peeled, no tail 24 ounces corn kernels 3 Roma tomatoes 1/8-inch-diced 6 thick strips applewood bacon cooked and diced 1/8" 3 Yukon Gold potatoes 1/8-inch-diced 3 six-inch French rolls 18 ounces heavy cream 6 ounces garlic butter, homemade or bought 8 sprigs finely chopped chives salt and pepper 2 ounces olive oil


1. Toss the diced potato in the olive oil and roast in 350° oven 30-40 minutes till light golden brown. 2. Cut the French roll in half lengthwise, butter the cut side, toast the cut side in a large 12-inch sauté pan and set aside. 3. Season the shrimp in salt and pepper and then sauté in the pan with one ounce of the garlic butter until done and set aside. 4. Heat the remaining garlic butter in the large sauté pan, add the corn and bacon, and stir for 10 minutes. 5. Add the cream and reduce on medium heat until is reduced down by 75 percent. Just before the cream is reduced down, add the potatoes and tomatoes and cook until they are just heated through. Salt and pepper to taste. 6. Place corn hash mixture and one roll toasted side up in bowls. Top with three shrimp per bowl and sprinkle each with chopped chives.

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