Luis' Migas at My Fit Foods

A few months ago, I received a coupon for a free entree from My Fit Foods in a road race swag bag. I resisted redeeming it for a while, because I wasn't really interested in any of their menu options.

But one morning after a longish run, I had an overwhelming craving for eggs and potatoes and cheese (oh my!). With nothing but my license and no time to gather my own ingredients, I was at the mercy of the coupon stashed in the glove compartment. So I stopped by My Fit Foods on Kirby.

I was more than a little dubious of all those black plastic containers at My Fit Foods. Though they were ostensibly filled with 20-odd different breakfasts, lunches, dinners, all somehow managed to resemble American Chop Suey. I didn't know who the hell Luis was, but his migas most closely aligned with my craving, so I picked up a medium portion ($6) and hit the road.

As per the instructions, I microwaved the package for about two minutes. Nothing was written about removing the top, so I kept it on. This was probably a violation of the first law of microwave cookery, but considering the lack of explosions and burned food, I think it was an okay decision.

Or not. Because these certainly weren't the migas I remember from post-drunk brunches at Tex-Mex joints. The flavors were clearer, simpler...blander. What one would expect from watery eggs, soggy "tortilla" (I swear to god they were pita!) chips, limp peppers, dehydrated ground turkey, and wilted potatoes. I certainly got what I paid for in the case of this freebie coupon.

By adding a few dollops of sour cream and a scoop of guacamole, I effectively destroyed the entree's perfect fat-to-protein-to-carbs ratio, which is the whole point of the My Fit Foods. But screw proportions: I was able to resuscitate, and thus enjoy, my breakfast.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.