Pot Luck

Luling City Market Fail

For some reason, Luling City Market (4726 Richmond Ave) is constantly balls-to-the-walls packed with suits at lunchtime. It also sucks beyond compare. Never have we had pork ribs so horrendously rubbery -- Buc-ee's jerky is more tender than this garbage. Less than average potato salad failed to garner more than one lousy bite. Garlic-jalapeño-beef-pork sausage should have been called bland-fail-tough-fail-boring-fail sausage. The watered down Luling City Market Bar-Q-Que sauce was just bad.

We ordered half a pound of ribs, one piece of fail sausage, and one bowl of room temperature potato salad for a total of $18. Ouch. This may have been the single most disappointing meal we have had in a long time and makes us sad that this is where out-of-towners go when they frequent Houston. We should have read Robb Walsh's 2005 review of the place beforehand. Anyway, if there was any question about things improving at Luling City Market on Richmond, now we have an answer.

Go to the real Luling City Market in Luling, Texas.

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