Lunch at Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro

I don't think I have ever actually paid for a meal at Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro. This isn't because I have some sort of mind control powers over the cashier, but because I have a father-in-law that really likes to eat there when he is in town and is very generous in picking up the check. I make the point, because if I'm not paying at a restaurant then I guess I am more inclined to give a place a little more slack than if I am the one forking out the dough for the dough.

I will say that I have really enjoyed almost everything I've had there. The food always tastes really fresh and is piping hot. It's sort of a local, better version of Pei Wei (with a sushi bar) from the people who brought you Lola and Pink's Pizza.

On this trip, even though I was being treated to lunch by my dining companion, I did a little cost-food benefit analysis. I ordered the Super Udon Bowl, and she got the Soy Ginger Salmon. We split a spicy tuna roll.

The bowl of udon was decent, but I wouldn't call it super, necessarily. The portion was large, and the veggies were cooked perfectly. The menu describes the dish as having "an amazing assortment of shrimp, egg and tofu." The egg and tofu were abundant and tasty. What is the plural of shrimp? Well, you barely need that, because there were just two in the entire bowl. There was also a little too much of the broth, so when you got through the first part of the udon mound it turned into more soup than noodle bowl. The Super Udon Bowl will set you back $10.

The Soy Ginger Salmon is a grilled plank of fish in a sweet sauce with noodles and a few veggies. She said there wasn't enough sauce to cover the noodles, so they were pretty dry, and thought the soy ginger sauce was too candy-sweet for a savory dish. The salmon checks in at $13.

Was the lunch good overall? Sure. Was it super enough to warrant a $31 price tag? Probably not, but then again, I wasn't the one swiping my card.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.