Lunch at Go Fish

Last Thursday, I finally made it over to Go Fish (1709 Dryden Rd.), which opened in the spot that had been Azumi Sushi. A coworker and I split a couple of dishes so we could try more things. According to the menu, they had both Vietnamese and Japanese food, which seemed fresh and inventive in comparison to its predecessor (and the cafeteria sushi you can get in the Med Center), with a variety of quick options. After a brief conversation with the staff, which seemed really young and upbeat, I learned that Go Fish had only been open since Friday, and was a new company entirely, not just a sneaky rebranding.

I passed through a fast-moving line, ordered and paid, and I saw them begin to pack our order, a vegetarian rice place and a sashimi platter. The rice plate was topped with yellow squash and onion tempura (I assumed it would be tofu, but I was still pleasantly surprised by this), but I had to stop them before they packaged it, as they forgot the veggies. The young lady behind the counter was nice enough to go ahead and top it, so high that by the time she was done, she could barely shut the container. They were out of salad greens, which were replaced with a seaweed salad. No biggie, I thought, it's a new establishment with eight people running around behind the small counter during an insane lunch rush on their first week of business. I was the last person to complain.

As my coworker and I began to divide out our order back in the office, we noticed that we were short some fish. Not just a piece, but six pieces of sashimi. My poor friend's face fell. But walking back across the Med Center for a little fish just wasn't feasible on a busy day, so I went ahead and called the establishment to notify them of their error. They happily refunded the cost of the missing fish without a fuss.

The fish was tasty, although cut very quickly and awkwardly, but still passable, so I might shy away from the sushi for a little while until they get a rhythm going. My rice plate was pretty tasty and was a great deal at $6 -- I'll be back for more. Another coworker had a pork bun and was satisfied with her order as well. Overall, this is decent, cheap (by Med Center standards), and accessible Vietnamese and Japanese fast food that has the potential, with a little time, to be an awesome lunch spot. Next time, I'm going to see how they handle pho...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.