Lunch in Bombay?

Not quite, but we made a trip to Bombay Pizza Co. (914 Main St.) the other day excited about trying Indian pizza. There was a bustling lunch crowd. But the pizza selection wasn't what we expected -- pepperoni, supreme and veggie, these pizzas by the slice seemed standard. We grabbed a menu and noticed that the Indian inspiration was limited to just a few menu items of the dozens of choices.

We were a little disappointed but nonetheless ended up with a pizza called "Gateway of India" because it seemed the most ethnic. Tandoori chicken, crabmeat, artichoke hearts, cilantro and chutney made this item stand out on the semi bloated menu. We enjoyed our pizza but thought the garlic-sesame thin crust could have been slightly oversalted.

We like the concept of this neat little downtown eatery but wish its menu was a little more adventurous; it includes fillers like spaghetti (?) and sliders (??). The place must be trying to appeal to the crowds, but we feel the integrity is slightly lost.

We noticed a lot of people getting Indian-inspired French bread sandwiches similar to banh mi that we will be trying next time we stop by.

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