Luscious Lobster

The "five styles twin lobsters" dish ($24.99) at Le Viet (11328 Westheimer, 281-293-8883) is likely to cause diners quite a quandary. After all, which of the five preparation methods -- black pepper, garlic butter, tamarind, ginger and scallion, or the black bean sauce -- to choose? On a recent evening, after much debate and advice from the waitress, the black pepper sauce won out. First, two whole lobsters are coated in cornstarch and stir-fried in sesame oil, along with tons of tiny pieces of onion, garlic and peppers. Then, oyster sauce is added for color and taste. Finally, the lobster is cut up before serving, making it extremely easy to eat. Novice patrons will share this exquisite dish with their friends, since there's more than enough for two. Experienced guests will tell their friends to order their own.
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Paul Galvani