Mango Frozen Yogurt at (You Guessed It) Red Mango

Prior to last week, I had been to Yogurtland, Berripop, and Swirll but not Red Mango.

Not that I had anything against the chain. It did, however, always strike me as odd and a bit disappointing that "mango" wasn't one of their standard flavors. But they're presently offering it "for a limited time only." After reading this dire warning on the website, I decided I better hop to it and get me some mango frozen yogurt.

On my weekday afternoon visit, the shop in Rice Village was quiet, a nice contrast to my evening jaunts to Yogurtland, where lines sometimes stretch out the door and I usually have to fight off six-year-old boys for the last dregs of cookies 'n' cream. Bastards.

According to Red Mango's website, the following toppings go best with mango fro-yo: pumpkin flax granola, fruity pebbles, graham cracker crumbs, honey, bananas, blueberries and (shockingly) mangoes.

My choice: none of the above. I wanted to taste only pure sweet, juicy mango. If the unadulterated flavor sucked, then maybe at home I'd sprinkle it with some vanilla cookie bits.

But suck it didn't, of course. The mango yogurt wasn't as tart as I expected (or would have liked). I wouldn't have even minded if it was sour to the point of activating those little muscles on the sides of cheeks that wince when they come into contact with something very tangy. The milder, sweeter flavor just meant I gobbled down my small serving that much faster.

Even though I was aware that Red Mango's frozen yogurts are white, I foolishly sustained hope that the mango yogurt would be orange, my favorite color namely for its associations with Halloween. No such luck. But advertisements and a coupon for their upcoming pumpkin spice flavor still got me prematurely excited for fall holidays. Maybe by then my mango cravings will have abated.

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