Mango Raspa with Cream

At the Refresqueria Rio Verdes truck on Longpoint, I bought a mango raspa with cream for dessert when I finished my Frito Pie. I had never had a raspa before, and I was thinking it was a mound of ice with syrup poured over top -- what we call a snow cone or snowball in Houston. But in fact, this raspa turned out to be a slurry of ice with mango juice. It was more like a Slushee. The cream on top made the whole thing extra-rich. It was a lot better than I expected.

There are a whole lot of names for frozen-fruit confections in Latin America, and I have trouble keeping them straight. Paletas are popsicles on a single stick, but sometimes they are made with cream and taste like Dreamsicles -- only in all different flavors. Cubans call snow cones granizados, but I am not sure they use that word in Mexico. So does raspa always mean a Slushee in Mexico? Or can raspa also mean a snow cone? Somebody help me out here.

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