McMask Lets You Eat Your Mickey D's On The DL

So the guys over at Jest made this little commercial for the Shame Mask, which lets you "Enjoy McDonald's without your friends knowing you enjoy McDonald's!"

This product allows you to eat your greasy Big Mac in peace, away from the judging eyes of your pals who won't eat anything that doesn't come from a self-reliant food system. Although it looks a little creepy, like the Shatner/Halloween mask, and the mouth-hole is hardly big enough to shove a fry through, it's kinda funny. Funny because it's true.

Sure, some of us have zero qualms about running in or driving through, but then there are those of us who are pretty reluctant or embarrassed, to chow down or even admit we occasionally chow down on a Big Mac and fries.

I mean, in a great food city like Houston with countless local, healthy, affordable, one-of-a-kind dining options, why would anyone feel the need to pop into a McDonald's (or any fast food joint, really) for sustenance?


- You're on the road, super-late for a meeting, but your stomach is growling.

- It's midnight, you just left the bar and if you don't get some nuggets in your belly you. will. die.

- It's lunchtime, all you can afford is something off the $1 menu, and you spy a pair of golden arches/ a picture of a red head in pig tails/ a giant pink bell/ an orange W at the next intersection.

Lots of us can relate to one or more of the above. Of course there are those who avoid any restaurant with picture-menus, but for many, fast food is simply a guilty pleasure: something you enjoy despite the shame you might feel if someone discovered your cheap, calorie-laden secret...maybe something you'd indulge in more frequently if you had, say, a disguise?

Do you have any fast food guilty pleasures, or do you avoid eating anywhere with a drive-thru window? Do you eat your Double Quarter Pounder with cheese proudly, head held high, or do you quickly hide the McDonald's bag in your purse before heading back to work, closing your office door to wail on that #4 in private? Let us know in the comments section.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.