Mea Culpa, Glenmorangie

Single-malt Scotch is one of my favorite winter drinks. I usually have a couple of bottles in my liquor cabinet. There are several unique whisky "terroirs" in Scotland; the Lowlands, the Highlands, Speyside, and the Islands are the main areas. Each has its own characteristic flavors.Speyside Scotch is the most approachable -- my favorite from that region is Macallan. Among the weird and wonderful Island Scotches, I like Oban from Islay and Ardbeg from Lorn.

In this week's Café review, I compared an American whiskey (we spell it differently over here) to Glenmorangie, which I referred to as a "Speyside" Scotch. I was mistaken. In fact, the Glenmorangie distillery is in the North Highlands. The irony is that Glenmorangie is the only Scotch distillery that I have ever actually visited. I was in that country north of Inverness, playing golf at the Royal Dornoch golf course. Afterwards my foursome stopped by the distillery for a tour. I don't know how the location slipped my mind.

My apologies to readers and to Glenmorangie for the slip-up.

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