Meat, Cheese, Cupcakes and Sake at 13 Celsius

Late last Tuesday we stopped off at 13 Celsius in Midtown for a glass of wine and a snack. We love the small array of food there -- mostly meat and cheese with a few panini. We settled on a glass of Tempranillo and a combination of Manchego, duck rillette and, of course, San Daniele prosciutto.

You can't go to 13 Celsius without getting some sliced meat. The slicer there is like the Ferrari of slicers. We had to take a picture of it with the chunk of meat still on it. If it was dorky to take a picture of a slicer, oh well.

We were intrigued to find that on Tuesdays 13 Celsius hosts a "Cupcake Pairing Night."

Even though the bar was practically empty, the chocolate cupcakes were gone, with only vanilla left. This particular Tuesday, they were pairing it with sake. Sound weird? Well, it tasted weird too!

The sake was starchy and dry, while the cake was sweet and moist. We don't know if that counts as complementing each other, but we felt the two lacked continuity. Whatever. We still shoved half of the cupcake in our mouth and chased it down with the chilled rice wine.

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