Not exactly from a smoker, but a great alternative on a rainy day.
Not exactly from a smoker, but a great alternative on a rainy day.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Memorial Day Rain? No Problem. Bring Your Brisket Indoors

Cooking out on Memorial Day is something people do all across the country. In Texas, that means time spent over the grill or, if you're smart, the smoker. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not cooperating this Memorial Day, with rain chances above 70 percent and likely heavy rains threatening to soak your barbecue plans.

You could have cooked ahead — smoked brisket is excellent reheated — but it's too late for that, buddy. So, why not try the next best thing?

A few years back, I shared my recipe for oven-cooked "barbecue" brisket aimed at people who live in apartments or don't have the joy of a smoker at home. I put "barbecue" in quotes here because we all know that is not what anything made in the oven is, but this gives you the deliciousness of a brisket with the feel of the outdoors even when you are trapped inside on a rainy day.

This can't exactly take the place of a smoked brisket, but it makes for a pretty damn fine replacement and salvages a holiday meant to be spent outside. So put a loop of beach scenes on the big screen, chill some beer in the fridge and blend up a couple of margaritas. It will feel just like a sunny day even if that isn't what it looks like outside your window.

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