Menudo from Taqueria del Sol

On a Saturday trip to Taqueria del Sol (8114 Park Place Boulevard, 713-644-0535), I realized that since it was the weekend, the place was serving menudo. Yes. The broth-based soup with tripe and hominy (my mother-in-law makes when she is feeling really thrifty in the kitchen) is gross to some and amazing to others.

To me, it's special-occasion food, and what better occasion than feeling like crap? I was fighting a sore throat and really wanted something hot to make it all better. The $4 bowl was enough for lunch on its own -- a large, hearty bowl of menudo that was just perfect with diced jalapenos and onions. Sore throat? Gone. I savored every sip of soup.

Since I didn't realize it was going to be so large, and I also ordered the alambres ($9) - a plate of two beef skirt steak shish kabobs with tomato, onion, bell pepper bacon, rice, beans and fries It was embarrassing to see how much food I'd ordered when it came to the table. My husband and I should have just split that, but he ordered enchiladas too, and we had leftovers for dinner. The portions were so huge, what could have very well been a $13 large lunch for two became a $20 lunch and dinner for two. I'm definitely not complaining.

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Becky Means