Messy Magnificence at Flip 'n Patties

As if I needed further enticement to frequent Marquis II, home of the all-powerful "Texas Tea," Filipino street food purveyors Flip 'n Patties food truck now parks outside Tuesday and Friday nights.

I do wonder whether these regularly scheduled visits are yet another effort on the part of the Marquis II"s management to curb the potential out-of-control inebriation that can result from imbibing their very strong Texas-style Long Island Iced Teas. Long-time patrons of Marquis II have noted that the appearance of the relatively new "three Tea limit" policy and now the availability of heavy, fried food just outside the bar's doors will also help steady BAC levels.

Regardless, the combination of Marquis II's cheap drinks and Flip 'n Patties ridiculously good-tasting fare has made me set a Google alarm to remind me to make a semiweekly trip.

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On a recent Friday night, I paired an order of "Fliprolls," ground egg rolls "reworked" Filipino style with my potent Cape Codder. In other circumstances, I might have been irked more by the very residual oil of the deep fried spheres stuffed with pork but in conjunction with a strong cocktail a little extra fat is good to line the stomach.

My husband skipped straight to the main course ordering the deceptively simply named "Flip 'n Patties Burger," which was anything but straight-forward. "This is a joke burger," he remarked, upon removing it from its paper wrapper, "you can't possibly eat it all together." He had a point, given the tower of bottom bun, beef patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, deep-fried portabella mushroom stuffed with cheese, and top bun easily measured five inches, thereby exceeding the bite radius of his mouth. I still tried, however, when he offered me a bite and I succeeded albeit perhaps at the cost of public decency since some of the contents fell on my lap and sauce started dripping down my chin. This burger was absolutely one of the best I've had in Houston, cooked a juicy medium rare, anointed with a wonderful mayo-based spicy sauce, and of course, crowned with a mushroom slice that was as big as the beef patty and bursting with molten cheddar.

Not to say the burger I chose, the Brekpas, was nothing to write home about. I was very pleasantly surprised by two features; first, the tempered saltiness of the ham slice, a beef patty, and fried egg, a combination whose sodium factor could easily overwhelm and ruin the sandwich. Second, I requested my burger be cooked rare and the Flipmasters complied (many thanks!). And, I guess there's a third: a very generous scoop of grilled onions whose sweet juices were readily absorbed by the lovely spongy steamed bun.

Before when I planned to visit Marquis II I used to be sure I brought a designated driver; now, I'm adding strong appetite and a handful of napkins as well. Is it Tuesday yet?

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