Methadone Tastes Horrible: Anthony Bourdain's 10 Best AMA Responses on Reddit

Early yesterday afternoon, celebrity chef, author and TV star Anthony Bourdain popped into social news mega-site Reddit to do an informal Q&A session -- or AMA (Ask Me Anything in Reddit Speak) -- with the site's users. AMAs have fast become a popular tool for celebrities, newsmakers and even politicians to interact with the public in a scope that is impossible to match.

AMAs have also become one of the newest viral marketing avenues available to anyone looking to promote, well, just about anything. In the past year, Reddit has been host to the likes of President Obama, Dan Rather and Bill Gates.

The open-forum style lends itself to a wide array of interesting questions, from the unique to the absurd, and yesterday's session with Bourdain was no exception. Here are our ten favorite takeaways from the nearly 10,000 responses the session garnered:

Don't do drugs:

The real source of his disdain for Mrs. Deen:

On why I need to suck it up and write more:

Even the mundane answers aren't safe from Reddit's snark:

If I'm taking suggestions on street food, it's from this man:

On expanding your circle of friends:

Addressing critics of The Taste and Reddit's cynical response:

Things at Travel Channel went kinda sideways::

Anyone who has had the Carbonara at Coppa knows this man is on the right track:

Three Words: Alton. Brown. Stripclub.:

And a bonus for our friends over at Rocks Off! and any other Homme-aphiles in the audience:

Much like the last time Eating...Our Words had the opportunity to speak with him, reading through the dozens of questions Mr. Bourdain decided to answer leaves you with a true sense that while the man certainly loves the sound of his own voice, it's hard to deny that voice is rife with talent and still has no shortage of things left to say.

If you want more Bourdain, he will be providing guest voice work on this week's episode of Archer on FX, and his new show on CNN is scheduled to debut in April of this year.

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