Midnight Munches: The Nutella Sandwich

Necessity is the mother of invention. For those long stretches between Easter and Halloween when candy is in short supply and groceries dwindle--here's a simple recipe to squash late-night sweets cravings.

Estimated prep: The time it takes for infomercials for the Topsy Turvy to transition to episodes of Simply Ming. Start with two slices of bread -- wheat if you must but white if you're going for authenticity. Spread Nutella on one like you would peanut butter on this sandwich's inferior daytime counterpart. Give the other slice a Paula Deen-style helping of butter. We're going for near-equal parts of Nutella and butter here. Add sprinkles for that necessary crunch. Combine.

Enjoy feeling confident that if anyone were to witness your midnight misdeed, unlike chips or ice cream or that bowl of Count Chocula, they need never know what lurks between your slices of bread.

A magnificent photo of the completed sandwich is after the jump.

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