Montrose Makes Way for Vinoteca Poscol

The rumors flew when beloved Belgian restaurant Cafe Montrose closed late last year after Hurricane Ike.  Patrons hungry for their fix of moules, frites and Chimay were baffled when they pulled into the parking lot one day to find it "temporarily closed."  The confusion grew when the temporary closure stretched into days and weeks, eventually terminating in the blunt realization that Cafe Montrose was closed for good.

While most of the rumors surrounding the closure aren't worth repeating, one fact bears true: Cafe Montrose has made way for a new establishment along Westheimer.  Vinoteca Poscol has officially moved into the location, their brand new awning announcing that they'll be selling at least two things: wine and cured meats.

Marco Wiles, local celebrity chef and owner of the popular Da Marco and Dolce Vita, is behind this latest venture and the possible creation of a trifecta of amazing Italian restaurants within spitting distance of each other (Da Marco is across the street and Dolce Vita is a few blocks up at Whitney).  Word is that Vinoteca Poscol will be a wine and coffee bar cum Italian market, although its uncertain whether they'll be curing their own meat (hence the salumeria on the awning) or sourcing it.

Vinoteca Poscol is expected to open this March.

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