Pot Luck

Moonie Bergeron's Cajun Meats

"Let me make you a little snack pack for the car, honey," Joyce said as she prepared the Styrofoam container. Joyce and Miss Peaches were the two women behind the counter at Bergeron's Cajun Meats that morning. Joyce heated up one of Bergeron's signature chicken patties, a spicy ground poultry treat. I also got some Cajun little smokies, and one link each of three varities of boudin -- pork, seafood and smoked. Joyce and Miss Peaches cut all of these into bite-size chunks for easy automobile consumption.

I spent Wednesday night in Baton Rouge after giving a talk at an oyster dinner. I stopped at Bergeron's on the way home Thursday morning. Moonie Bergeron's Cajun smokehouse in Port Allen, Louisiana came highly recommended. It's located on Lobdell Highway just west of the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge.

Bergeron's has a dining room that opens at 10 a.m., but I was too early. I got there shortly after the placed opened at 8:30 a.m. I ate my Bergeron's snack pack on my way home to Houston. It lasted about 50 miles. I had to pull over again in Scott, just west of Lafayette.

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Robb Walsh
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