Pot Luck

Moules Frites at Jeannine's

I stopped by the tiny eatery called Jeannine's Bistro at 106 Westheimer and got a pot of mussels steamed in white wine and a big paper cone full of excellent Belgian frites with homemade mayonnaise the other day. The large order, which comes with two dozen mussels, is a bargain at $19. It's a nice lunch or light supper for two. You also get a basket full of crunchy bread to dunk in the mussel-flavored wine stock at the bottom of the pot.

There's a great selection of Belgian beers, and most of them are half-price during happy hour. Jeannine's also offers some very affordable three-course dinner specials. Try the crème brulée crepe or the profiteroles for dessert. Jeannine's Bistro and Broken Spoke are the dueling Belgian moules frites restaurants in town.

Check out J.C. Reid's blog post on Jeannine's opening and Jason Kerr's review of Broken Spoke on the family feud.

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Robb Walsh
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