Mr. Pelon Pelo Rico and Mangoper Candies

In the mood for sweet yet spicy little things? Suck on these.

Mr. Pelon Pelo Rico invites you to suck on its head so you can make its sweet tamarind hair grow. If sucking the head of a fat, plastic, lipstick-looking thing doesn't appeal to you, there is another way. Push the inner tube up into its case, and strands of the sugary pulp will come up through the little holes on the head. At least that way no one will ask what on earth you have in your mouth.

The Mangoper is a tamarind lollipop dusted in chile powder, good for sucking on at parties to keep from drinking too much -surely that's not just me. Unlike its gum-hearted cousins, the Mangoper is allabout licking the coating of chile tamarind powder and less about the mango-flavored candy.

You can find these spicy but sweet treats at checkout lines in Fiesta or H-E-B, next to emergency items like lemon-squeezers and Mexican bingo sets that will do in a pinch when having your friends over for loteria and margaritas night...

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