Pot Luck

My Goose Egg Breakfast

A goose egg is quite a bit larger than a chicken egg; it has a much richer flavor, too. British celebrity chef Prue Leith got herself in trouble with the Royal Birdwatchers when she revealed in a magazine interview that she raided a wild Canadian goose nest on her property and stole eggs to make an omelet. I'd be tempted if I had a Canadian goose nest in my backyard too.

The fine for stealing wild bird eggs in England is £5,000. Leith said she made the omelet with garden herbs and served it with fresh greens. And since the bird's nest was on her property, she could decide it was a nuisance, in which case it would be legal to remove it and the eggs. Canadian geese were imported to Great Britain, where they now interfere with air traffic, just like they do here.

Leith's omelet sounded pretty good. So did this recipe for a goose egg omelet with ricotta and arugula. Lucky me, I just happen to have some arugula in my organic garden. I whipped up one goose egg and made an omelet with parmesan, cottage cheese and arugula seasoned with salt and pepper. I served it with Grateful Bread maple bacon.

It was quite a breakfast.

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