Name That Pizza Place

First things first, let's get this out of the way...Yes, they still serve pepperoni rolls. Sure, the pizza place on Ella near the intersection of 34th may not be a Double Dave's Pizza Works anymore, but they kept a signature item on the menu from the previous incarnation. This time though it is actually spelled p-e-p-p-e-r-o-n-i, not the DD trademarked "Peproni Rolls."

Earlier this year franchise owners Kelly Weddel, Brett Robinson and Kirk Robinson decided that they weren't getting the support they needed from the Double Dave's mothership and wanted to branch out on their own. They came up with their own dough recipe, their own sauce recipe and pepperoni rolls that are more pepperoni-y. Now, what to call their house of pies?

That is where you come in. Go into the pizza place that isn't Double Dave's anymore sometime before August 20 and submit your suggestion for a name in a big registration book. That Friday the owners and the customers that are in the store at the time will look at all the entries and decide on a top list of suggestions. From there, a winner will be chosen and said winner will get to collect one large, one-topping pizza a week for a whole year.

On the sign than now covers the old one it says, "Same Owners, Better Pizza." That slogan sounds a little like a Pappa John's ad, but I guess that name is already taken. Does anyone have any good name suggestions that I can steal? Lennie want free pizza.

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