National Leftover Pie For Breakfast Day

National Leftover Pie For Breakfast Day

That's a lot of leftover cherry pie. No I didn't bake it from scratch, I baked it from frozen. It was a Chef Pierre frozen pie, Sara Lee's food service industry brand. My brother, who works for a restaurant supply company, left it in my freezer. And I was too busy to bake one from scratch to celebrate National Pie Day. It wasn't too bad--the cherries were tart, the crust was so-so, but it was a little heavy on the cornstarch.

As most of you know, the day after National Pie Day is called National Leftover Pie for Breakfast Day. The two holidays have the same sort of relationship as Christmas and Boxing Day. Here at the National Leftover Pie Council, we embrace the spirit of giving. We have invited the garbage collector, the neighbors and several small children to eat a large slice of cherry pie this morning. And still we have leftover pie. There are worse problems, I suppose.

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