National Margarita Day Is Today, Ash Wednesday, for Some Reason

The people at the National Council for Naming National Days need to get together with the Roman Catholic church, because this seriously isn't going to work out. National Margarita Day on the first day of Lent? Surely you jest, National Margarita Council of Margaritas, National Chapter.

But it's not a joke: Today really is National Margarita Day. Hope you didn't give up alcohol for Lent, sucker, because there are a few great events going on around town in celebration of all things tequila and triple sec.

El Patio -- home of the infamous blue margaritas -- is the focus of our Voice Daily Deal today, and is offering a deal of $12 for $24 worth of food. And/or margaritas. Your call, man. All I know is that $24 will buy you a lot of happy hour margaritas there, and you'll be happier knowing that you only paid $12 for them.

At the Cadillac Bar (both locations, in Houston and Kemah), celebrate with $3.50 margaritas all day long. The special includes both frozen margaritas and those on the rocks, as well as sangria swirls because why the hell not.

In Bellaire, margarita mecca Pico's Mex-Mex is celebrating by offering happy hour prices on its [justifiably] famous margaritas all day. That means only $5 for its top shelf (!) shaker margaritas, two of which are enough to send you into a warm, snuggly tequila-coma.

If that's too rich for your blood, though, head over to Gringo's Mexican Kitchen. Frozen margaritas are only $1 all day long. (There's a limit of two per customer, however, so don't think you're going to get hammered on the cheap stuff.)

Don't want to battle crowds? There are plenty of places to celebrate today that aren't offering specials, which means more seats at the bar for you. I suggest starting with our recent list of the Top 10 Margaritas in Houston, which includes Pico's and El Patio as well as eight more very worthy entries.

As for me, I'll be mixing up a batch of de-fucking-licious apple pie margaritas at home tonight with churro-infused tequila from El Gran Malo and an all-natural Appletini mix. (I feel better about buying Appletini mix because it's "all-natural," but not good enough to publicly admit that I bought some. Oh, shit...wait.)

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Katharine Shilcutt