Need Father's Day Gift Ideas? We've Got You Covered

Father's Day is right around the corner. If you enjoy procrastination as much as I do, then you haven't gotten a gift yet, either. But don't fret! Whether your dad's a master griller, an aspiring molecular gastronomist or a total wino, we have plenty of gift ideas for him.

Gourmet Spices & Sauces

Places like Brookstone and Williams-Sonoma sell fantastic gourmet products. If your dad is a steak man, pick him up this six-piece Peter Luger steak sauce gift set ($45). For a grill master, this Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection ($27.95) makes the perfect gift. Or pump up his barbecue with this Gourmet Condiment Set ($49.95), featuring toppings like Celery Relish, Hot Tomato Ketchup and Chili Sauce.

Grill Gadgets

Want something unique? These personalized meat branders are adorable. Try this Stainless Steel Chick Can Cooking Rack ($5.99) to make a delicious Beer Can Chicken. And this set of Cordierite Pizza Stones ($49.95) are perfect for the grill.

Specialty Tools

If Italian food's his thing, get him this stand-alone Pasta Machine ($79.95). Or try this Manual Meat Grinder ($39.99), which is great for making your own sausages. Is he into molecular gastronomy? Stock his pantry with Xanthan Gum and Gelatin Sheets ($3.49, $6.49). And if he's a perfectionist, a Hand Held Mandoline ($20) will help him make the perfect slice.


Lobel's Meat Bible ($24.44) will teach him everything he would ever want to know about meat. If he's a health and fitness guru, Rocco DiSpirito's Now Eat This ($14.98) cookbook is filled with healthier versions of America's favorite comfort foods. For dessert lovers, try Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar ($19.98). It was named one of the Year's 10 Best Cookbook's by Details magazine.

Beer, Wine, Spirits & Coffee

You can't go wrong with Dad's favorite liquor, but if you want to get more creative, there are plenty of gifts out there. These Whiskey Stones ($19.95) will keep his drink chilled without watering it down. The Beer Machine ($99.99) is perfect for first-time home-brewers. If he's into vino, sign him up for a Wine of the Month Club. And if coffee is his thing, this Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System ($34.95) brews a mighty fine cup.

I even want one of those for myself. I'm sure my dad won't mind if I use it. Happy Father's Day!

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