Here, Eat This

Never Done Thanksgiving Take-Out Before? We Give Ouisie's Turkey and Sides a Lunch Tryout

My family has never celebrated Thanksgiving in a huge way. We all love to eat, and my mother and I are pretty great cooks (if I do say so myself). But we're a family of three, so it never seems worth it to spend our day off slaving over a hot stove while my dad watches football in the other room, instead of taking the time away from work to just hang out with each other.

And that's why take-out Thanksgiving is so cool.

I don't recall being aware of Thanksgiving meals to-go when I was younger, but these days, it seems like half of the restaurants in Houston are offering take-out options. To see what it's all about, I asked Ouisie's Table to prepare their take-out Thanksgiving feast a little early this year. I arranged to pick it up and bring it to the office last week so I could fill you in on every step of the process before you decide if that's the route you want to go.

Before I start, though, I will say this: We had a lot of happy employees here at the Houston Press once Ouisie's arrived. And all the food was gone by the next day.

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Kaitlin Steinberg