New Offerings from Big Daddy

When you decide to put Ass Burn in the name of your hot sauce company, you better have a tasty product. If people take the risk of getting a burning ass, then they better also get the reward of spicy, vinegary goodness for their troubles. Big Daddy Trevi and Big Momma Becky took that chance and have been so successful at getting heat freaks to try their sauces that they are about to expand the product line.

Started back in 2001, Big Daddy's Hot Sauces started out with Ass Burn as the anchor. A multiple gold medal winner, it has become a legend in the Texas hot sauce community. Since Trevi used to be a fixture in the Houston metal music scene, playing in bands like Whorehound and Drunken Thunder, when it came time to add new flavors he reached back to the old days and found appropriate band/hot themed names.

Big Daddy's now makes Flaming Lips, Three Drops of Death (sweet heat), Amplified Heat (smoky heat) and High on Fire (over-the-top heat). And it's now preparing for a late-summer release of the Orange Show Fire Blossom Special Bar-B-Que sauce, made with local honey harvested from bees that live at The Orange Show, along with Drunken Thunder Bloody Mary mix.

You can buy all things Big Daddy at their website, Spec's, Whole Foods and, according to Trevi, "a buttload" of stores around The Heights. They also will be setting fire to the competition at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival in Waterloo Park on Sunday, August 29, as well as the Houston Hot Sauce Festival on Saturday, September 18.

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Lennie Ambrose