"New" Sweet Potato Fries at Becks Prime

I realize that Becks Prime has been serving sweet potato fries now for a good couple of months. But the marketing department is still advertising them as new, and they were certainly new to me when I tried them for the first time this past weekend.

There's something about sweet potato fries that compels me to order them whenever they're offered. Might be that they're orange (my favorite color). Might be that they're more healthful (great source of beta-carotene). More likely, it's that they taste sweet (duh) but are usually covered in salt, which means they delight two taste bud regions at the same time. Hurrah!

They're certainly not cheap at Beck's, where a small box will run you $3.45. Maybe they forgot to put the caviar on mine?

Overall, I liked them. They had a strong sweet potato flavor, weren't too laden in sodium, and arrived hot.

Improvements could be made in terms of the cut; most of my fries were short and thin, while I would have preferred longer and thicker pieces. In fact, I think Becks should offer giant sweet potato strips, bigger even than traditional steak fries. The additional potato pulp would soak up more oil, rendering the fries heavier and juicier. You would probably lose a bit of the crunch, though a double dip in the fryer might take care of that issue.

Then again, who knows what Becks might charge me for all that extra tater?

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Joanna O'Leary