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New Thai Joint Opens on Bangkokheimer

Thai Bistro, the popular Houston Thai restaurant located at 3241 Southwest Freeway, recently opened a new location at 11660 Westheimer, the former location of Thyme Table Café. The Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook loved Thyme Table for reasons I never understood. I tried it and found it too boring to write about. The chef was Korean, but even the bulgogi was dull. I think he was trying too hard to sell wine.

Thai Bistro's original Southwest Parkway location was once the home of Dalat Vietnamese Bistro. That Vietnamese restaurant partnered with Kevin Tran and a Thai chef and changed its name to Mekong River in 2001. When I reported on that change, I made a really stupid geography mistake--I said that the Mekong River separated Thailand and Vietnam. My belated apologies to Laos and Cambodia.

Mekong River later became Thai Bistro. (I'm not clear on the details.) A rave review of the original Thai Bistro by Dai Huynh that appeared in the Houston Chronicle in 2004 is proudly displayed in the entranceway of the new Westheimer location.

I like the simple new lines of the interior and the sidewalk tables out front. I will report soon on the lunch specials. Westheimer between Beltway 8 and Dairy-Ashford is home to more than half a dozen Thai restaurants. We are sad to report that Thai Lily, a favorite of ours in that neighborhood, went out of business recently.

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