Next Door's Honeysuckle Rose

On a recent visit to Next Door (2020 Waugh Drive) a friend of mine mentioned that I wrote for EOW. Art Baez, the big, friendly bear of a bartender who's always ready with a great shot and a quick remark, expressed lighthearted distress that someone from HP had come in on Art's night off and had been given a sub par shot which then made it into print as Next Door's signature shot. Now clearly this was just a case of bad timing, as everyone who has been to Next Door knows that Art is indeed the man to order from.

He begged me to try his signature shot, the Honeysuckle Rose, and -- if I found suitably delicious -- share it with our readers. Art is a genius with Barenjager (which ironically translates to Bear Hunter), that oh-so-sinful honey liquor, and this shot was definitely a shot to remember (or not, depending on how many you do). Be warned: you can't taste the alcohol, but you can certainly feel it!

Art Baez's Honeysuckle Rose

1 oz Barenjager Splash of Triple Sec Splash of Soda 1/2 oz Green Apple Pucker ½ oz Sweet n' Sour

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a shot glass.

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Geri Maria Harris