All photos by Robb Walsh

Nice Asados

When I reviewed a school bus selling Monterrey-style roasted chicken on the East Side, a reader named "Jason" recommended I try the blue school buses that sell roasted chicken on Long Point.

El Norte�o is the name of the Long Point roasted chicken dynasty. And "pollo asado estilo Monterrey" is their specialty. I saw one of the blue buses parked at Gessner and Long Point, but I bought my chicken from the blue "El Norte�o" truck out in front of the shopping center at 9893 Long Point.

Half a slab of ribs with tortillas, roasted onion, jalapenos and salsa. $7.50.
Whole chicken with tortillas, beans, roasted onion, jalapenos and salsa. $10.

We ate the roasted chicken on corn tortillas with the caramelized onion and roasted chiles it came with. It was pretty spectacular. But the "costillas al carbon" were an even bigger hit. A whole slab of these grilled spare ribs with onions, chiles and condiments goes for $15. A half slab, which went for $7.50, was more than enough for two. -- Robb Walsh

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