No Franklin's BBQ for Hitler

If you aren't already familiar with the now-viral "Hitler Reacts" meme, please head over to Know Your Meme and familiarize yourself. Macht schnell!

Now then. Found on the Houston Chowhound boards yesterday was a Hitler Reacts video that I couldn't believe I'd never seen. Anyone familiar with the early hours at Franklin's BBQ will no doubt feel "Hitler's" "pain" on this.

Apparently, many of the users on the Chowhounds board found the video quite offensive, to which I say: Welcome to the Internet. You will find new and dazzling things to offend you behind every hyperlink. A thicker skin may be in order.

And I say that as a person who was moved to tears when I saw Der Untergang when it was screened at Landmark River Oaks some years ago. The cinematic depiction of Hitler and his followers as fully-fleshed human beings instead of the cartoonish villains depicted in the Indiana Jones movies or the Wolfenstein video games made the many tragedies of World War II seem even more visceral than history books could ever do.

But even with that said, the Franklin's BBQ version of Hitler Reacts is goddamned funny. And my hat is tipped to the barbecue genius who made this video; it's my favorite of the memes to date.

And, seriously, Franklin's BBQ has hours that would drive anyone to have a screaming hissy fit.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.