No Reservations: Burning Questions

Anthony Bourdain is a celebrity. As such, America wants to know: What brand of jeans does he wear? What does he order at Starbucks (the Uzbek version)? On this week's episode of No Reservations, viewers got to submit questions online and Tony answered ten of them with some old clips, deleted scenes and the snarky narration that has made this crotchety, yet rock n' roll, old man so famous.

Have you ever gotten sick from food you've eaten on the road?

This is far and away the question viewers most wanted answered. The answer will hopefully teach fans not to ask again. In Namibia, some Bushmen with unclean water and no refrigeration prepared Tony a warthog rectum. In Tony's words, this "lightly charred poop shoot" was dirty, old and, like everything he ate that day, covered in sand, fur and crap. It must be said that Tony was a total gentleman while eating it though.

Have people ever gotten hurt on the show?

It seems that subcutaneous larvae is not uncommon for the poor crew. It's so familiar to them that Anthony instead dwells on another injury: a roller skating injury. A producer convinced some skater babes to pull him onto the rink, and this is what Tony had to say about it: "I know your filthy little mind, 'Tony on roller skates, fuuunnny.' It's a quick cheap laugh for you. For me, the agony in which I live every day. There's mental stress. I can't even put on a shirt like a normal person."

I like your style. Who dresses you?

Anthony dresses himself. But perhaps this is obvious, judging by the "age-inappropriate vintage items," including leather jacket, which he usually sports. And he asserts, "There is no new black. Pink is not the new black. Old black is the new black."

You've pretty much eaten all the animals in the animal kingdom. Which is your favorite one?

Blatantly ignoring the actual question, Tony instead reminisces about the worst he's eaten. Those include an armadillo, caught by a child in Uruguay and petrified with fear, and a "grasscutter," or large rat. All the vegetarians who were offended by the San Francisco episode can breathe easier knowing that Tony has vowed to never eat a cute or exotic critter for TV gimmicks ever again.

Next week: New York Outer Boroughs

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