Not a Lot of Good News from the Health Department, Montrose-Area Edition

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We checked out Montrose-area eateries for November 9 through yesterday and found that, while most restaurants had some minor, nagging, should-be-easily-fixed problems, a couple had some whoppers.

Let's start off with the month's biggest offender. Indika Restaurant (516 Westheimer) got a visit from the health inspector on November 25 and the infractions found in the kitchen included: Food was not free from spoilage, filth and other contaminates and was found to be unsafe for human consumption (uh oh). Also there was potentially hazardous food being thawed in water, potentially hazardous food not cooled to 41 degrees as required, the ice making machine was not operated in a manner to prevent the contamination of the ice, there was no test kit provided to measure parts per million / milligrams per liter of chemical sanitization solution, and ventilation filters were not cleaned frequently enough. In the bar: A sulfite preservative sign was not posted, nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment were not cleaned often enough, and ice intended for human consumption was used as a medium for cooling.

Overall, not good. Really, really not good. Food unsafe for human consumption, yeah, that'll kill your lunch crowd.

Katz's Deli (616 Westheimer) got a visit from the health department on December 6 and there were a few infractions found: sewage / liquid waste was not properly disposed of (yuck!), nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment were not cleaned often enough, and there was no sulfite preservation sign posted.

The Katz's Colossal Cinnamon Roll is a favorite of ours (sooo good at three in the morning), ditto the pecan pancakes, but liquid waste being mishandled gives us pause.

Da Marco (1520 Westheimer) was inspected on December 6 and inspectors found nonfood-contact surfaces were not cleaned often enough, there was no/improper sanitizing of equipment, food was stored in contact with water / undrained ice, and at least one employee was not wearing effective hair restraint/clothing that covers body hair. The De Marcos bar had a better time of it during the routine inspection, as there were no violations were found there.

Okay, we're having trouble believing this next one: Mary's Lounge (1022 Westheimer) was inspected on December 6 and there were no violation reports filed. What? Body fluids on the bar don't count as infractions? Unsanitized glory holes are considered in code? Nah, we're thinking the paperwork got lost and the report of health code violations found during the inspector's visit will surface any day now.

The Royal Bakery (1841 Fairview) had a routine inspection on November 19, and the violations included: The devices used to trap insect by adherence were not properly installed to protect food / linens / equipment from exposure, ("Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"), multi-use equipment were not easily cleanable / nonabsorbent / maintained in good repair, the toilet room had no tight fitting / self-closing / solid doors, and the walls / ceilings were not maintained in good repair.

Come back next week when we look at restaurants in the North Main Street area.

-- Olivia Flores Alvarez

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