Not a Lot of News from the Health Department, Galleria-Area Edition

Chances are that if you eat in the Galleria area, you'll be eating at a restaurant that hasn't been issued any violations by the Health Department lately. Not necessarily because the place was clean and in compliance, but because there haven't been very many inspections in the area over the last month. We've looked through the Health Department records to November 1, and found just a few visits, including these:

Café Sbarro's (5015 Westheimer, 713-961-3580) had a routine inspection on November 25 and they came up with just one teeny, tiny violation: No shielding for the artificial lighting.

Down the street, the Red Pepper Restaurant (5626 Westheimer, 713-622-7800) was inspected on November 20 and had almost half a dozen violations: Nonfood-contact surfaces were not cleaned often enough, the ice machine was not operated and maintained in such a way so as to prevent the contamination of the ice, the hot water sanitizing rinse was not within the required range of 180 degrees to 194 degrees, the floors were not kept clean in the kitchen/storage areas, and the walls/ceilings were not kept clean.

Mo's ... A Place for Steaks (1801 Post Oak, 713-877-0720) had a few problems during their November 20 inspection: Potentially hazardous food was not maintained at 41 degrees in cold storage, the plumbing was not installed/maintained properly, and there was no shielding on the artificial lights. Mo's bar didn't receive any citations.

-- Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.