Not So Great News from the Health Department

Let’s start off with the good news: Star Pizza (77 Harvard) was inspected on October 2 and found to have no violations (inspectors did, however find some terrific lasagna – oh no, wait, that was us! Yeah, yeah, we know it’s a pizza place. Can we help it if there’s great pasta too?)

The Black Labrador Pub (4100 Montrose) was inspected October 2 and the Cezanne Bar section was found to have equipment surfaces not cleaned often enough to keep them free of dust / dirt / food particles / and other debris. Also sewage / liquid waste was not being disposed of properly (yuck, yuck – sewage!). The main bar in the Pub had issues with the plumbing not being installed / maintained properly.

Damian’s Cucina Italiana (3011 Smith) was inspected September 30 and the bakery had issues with improper lighting while the kitchen had food stored in contact with water / un-drained ice, walls / ceilings not maintained in good repair, and an ice machine that was not operated in a way that would prevent the contamination of the ice (all together now: SLIME in the ice machine.) The bar had no violations.

The Daily Grind (4115 Washington) was also inspected on September 30 and was found to have equipment and utensils that were not being used not being stored properly.

September 30 was a busy day for the inspectors, because they were also at Grotto (4715 Westheimer) where they found no suitable dispensing utensils provided for employees / consumers “during pauses in food preparation /dispensing,” (were things okay in between pauses?), potentially hazardous food not being cooled to the correct temp, and nonfood contact surfaces not being cleaned often enough (this was the kitchen, the pizza area was clean).

Come back next week when we look at how kitchens at some of the local schools check out. — Olivia Flores Alvarez

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